George Razvan Niculae

George Razvan Niculae

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First Name * George
Last Name * Razvan Niculae
Username * niculaegeorge
Country * Romania
City Campina
Nationality roman
Languages Englishromanian



Hobbies: Building electronic circuits, internet browsing, homemade improvisations DIY (Do it yourself), replicating electrical free energy generators, translating documentaries and video clips in consciousness study and wikipedia articles, Sudoku games.
Interests: Free electrical energy aplication and development, perpetuum mobile, magnetic motors, electronic-electrotehnic automations, software automations, artificial inteligence, virtual reality, 3D modeling (3Dsmax, maya), Neuro-lingvistic programming, Self Perfection, blogging, mind-mapping software, databases (excel, msaccess), interpreting and analysis of statistical data, graphs and tables, 3D/4D graphs, Sci-fi movies and TV shows, spirituality, religion, The Lives of Orthodox Christian Saints, Monasticism, exacerbation of altruism, mysticism, paranormal, astrology, astronomy, sacred geometry, hiperphysics, hiperspace geometry, building external merkaba, Unified field theory.